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CCP Monitoring Checklist - Temperature
APRW432019 / Bill's Grill / Cooked Sausage / 03 Apr 2019 / Henry Reynolds
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Bill's Grill
Cooked Sausage
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3rd Apr, 2019

3:36 PM PST

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Henry Reynolds
[Note: This is an example reference for you to include monitoring procedures specific to your CCP] What: Cooked product temperature How: Record cooked temperature of product Critical Limits: 80 - 90ºF Frequency: Each batch or lot Who: Plant manager or trained assignee
Take photo of batch
Record Temperature (should be within Critical Limit of 80°F - 90°F)
Should be between 80˚F to 90˚F
[Note: This is an example reference for you to include for required corrective actions] Take action to notify the supervisor immediately of temperature deviation and take the product out of the process.
Document corrective actions taken
- Calibrate thermometers and house chart recorder - weekly by a trained designee - Daily verification of monitoring & corrective action records by a manager, supervisor, or trained designee.
Comments/ observations
Chef, supervisor or person in charge (PIC) must verify that employees are monitoring and checking temperatures by: ● Visually monitoring employees during their shift. ● Reviewing all records including Thermal Processing and pH Testing Log within seven days. Chef and manager must conduct a yearly review of the cooking process. All food workers must use and maintain equipment per manufacturer’s specifications
Henry Reynolds
3rd Apr, 2019 3:45 PM PST
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