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Project Audit Interview Checklist
LMC - Roses' Home / Vince Milton / Susan Utah / 23 Jan 2019
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LMC - Roses' Home
Project Manager
Vince Milton
Conducted on

23rd Jan, 2019

Prepared by
Susan Utah
9490 Broad Street Santa Clara, CA 95050
General Details
Has process improvement efforts been completed before requirements efforts begin?
Contact Kath (PMO) for more details.
Has a capability assessment been conducted?
Yes, was helped by other members of PMO team, Kath and Reid.
Has an organization readiness assessment been conducted?
Have project management standards and procedures been identified / established and documented?
All initial documents including this first draft we tried are documented. This has been developed and finally came up with the final house plan available in the PMO files.
Has the project approach and development strategy of the project been defined, documented and accepted by the appropriate stakeholders?
Are governance roles and responsibilities documented?
All PMO officers have access to it, too. Saved on the office computer in LMC folder.
Is a PMO (Project Management Office) in place and provide oversight to the project?
Are project team roles and responsibilities identified and documented?
Does all project documentation reside in a common repository for easy access?
Have all necessary approvals been obtained?
Are the project plans updated on a frequent basis?
Project Charter
Project description
The Roses contacted one of our officers to build their vacation house in California. They requested for the project to be finished within 10 months.
Project objectives
To construct a high-quality, custom house within 8 months at cost not to exceed $170,000.
Sample budget
Basic milestones
1. Permits approved - February 5 2. Foundation poured - February 18 3. Dry in, framing, sheathing, plumbing, electrical work, ,mechanical inspections passed - February 27 4. Final inspection - March 2-3
Broad Street Homeowners Association Roses family LMC Management & Board
Project sponsor(s), clients, etc.
Phil Milton Jane & Rob Roses LMC Management & Board
Critical success factors
Complete and updated project plans and relevant documentation Appropriate budget and costs Complete project team management & members Complete & functional equipment and tools Updated permits and approval papers Aligned decisions and plans of the management Coaching/ meeting when needed Appropriate quality management Appropriate risk management
Success criteria
1. Finish at or under $170,000 2. Project completed before 8/30/2019 3. Complete and good requirements obtained - project scope managed 4. All training completed before implementation - 8/30/2019 - 0 scope change requests 5. Able to respond to stakeholders/ clients query within 30 minutes
Project Scope Statement
Scope description
1. Pouring of foundation, framing, sheathing, plumbing, electrical works and mechanical inspections 2. Construction of living room, kitchen, family room, storage room and 3 bedrooms 3. Basic furnishing of kitchen 4. Painting interior and exterior finished home (white) 5. Communication between clients, stakeholders and sponsors
Criteria for acceptance
1. All rooms in the house must be complete, painted with white, and kitchen furnished (according to scope) 2. Window glasses must not be broken 3. Stairs inside the house must not be steep (as requested by the client)\ 4. Storage room (attic) must have windows letting the sunlight come in 5. Living room must have a wooden floor 6. Doors and windows must have complete locks and latches, no broken screws 7. Overall house work followed the blueprint provided
Project deliverables
1. A finished home (2,200 square foot) composed of 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a family room and a small storage room in the attic 2. A finished garage, insulated and sheetrocked 3. Kitchen appliances to include range, oven, microwave and dishwasher 4. High-efficiency gas furnace with programmable thermostat
Exclusions and constraints
1. Roses' home will be built ti the specification and design of the original blueprints provided by the customer 2. Owner responsible for landscaping and fence works 3. Air conditioning is not included but pre-wiring is included 4. Refrigerator not included in the kitchen appliances to be provided 5. Contractor reserves the right to contract out services 6. Contractor responsible for subcontracted work 7. Schedule/ site work limited to weekdays, 8am to 5pm
Additional Notes/ Recommendation
Clients, Jane & Rob Roses will visit every 2 months or so to review. Contact numbers also provided to LMC just in case of emergency or request for changes.
Full Name & Signature
Vince Milton
23rd Jan, 2019 1:59 PM +08
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