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NTJ 455 / 6 Dec 2018 / 7HGSA1DFGT14554 / 2015 Toyota Prius / Ian Lee
Vehicle Damage Report
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Vehicle Registration Number
NTJ 455
Vehicle Identification Number
Vehicle Year, Make & Model
2015 Toyota Prius
Report conducted on (Date and Time)

6th Dec, 2018

2:10 PM +08

Fleet Manager's Full Name
Ian Lee
General Information
Driver's Name
John Smith
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Phone number
(01632) 318210
Damage Details
Date and time of incident

5th Dec, 2018

2:19 PM +08

Location of incident
Royal Festival Hall, 337-338 Belvedere Rd South Bank, London SE1 8XU, UK
Weather condition
Degree of vehicle damage
What caused the damage?
Description of the incident
John called me up, advised that the car he was driving for two girls have been involved in an accident while on his way to The National Poetry Library. John’s front and side of the car was hit by a Land Rover driven by Sarah. As per John and his witnesses, Sarah came from the other lane going the opposite direction. Sarah lost control and occupied John’s lane. The damage to our Toyota Prius is just terrible; this can’t be used for our business anymore unless parts have been replaced and the body paint re-done. The hood is badly bent; the whole engine almost exposed. The bumper is dangling, the grill crushed, headlights broken.
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Vehicle Driver (Full Name)
Sarah Morgan
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Phone number
(0988) 777 8050
Make and model
2015 Land Rover Sport
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My sister and I was surprised to see another car collide with the car were in. Thankfully John was able to somehow maneuver the car a bit and we didn’t hit the woman’s car that much; just the side and the front - but that already is so bad his hood is badly bent. The woman’s speed was too much, she appeared to have lost control and occupied our lane. She was going the opposite direction and ended colliding us. I felt sorry for John, I know he wouldn’t be able to use this car anymore given the damage - the engine’s just exposed. Terrible.
Full Name & Signature
Anne Fulton
6th Dec, 2018 3:35 PM +08
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I was checking my phone for the time when I felt a huge sudden turn; it was John maneuvering our car. Another vehicle appeared on our side from the lane parallel to us; she was going the opposite direction though. She hit the the front and then the side of our car. Both cars actually ended up with terrible damage and scrapes. Both vehicles are in a bad shape. There were dents and some parts hanging in John's car, like the bumper and the grill. Engine can be seen too.
Full Name & Signature
Jane Fulton
6th Dec, 2018 3:40 PM +08
Phone Number
(6447) 33278899
Additional comments
It was a fine day and the road was not that busy. Anyone can drive carefully at that time. Sarah’s speed was too much and she lost control, eventually crashing into our lane and into my car. She was cooperative and gave me her details, admitting her fault and immediately knew she’d have to help me file a report about this for my insurers. The engine of my car is badly exposed, the hood and headlights terrible. I told Ian everything, and that the damage caused was not because of my own doing. My passengers, Jane and Anne also provided their details to testify.
Driver (Full Name & Signature)
John Smith
6th Dec, 2018 3:41 PM +08
Fleet Manager (Full Name & Signature)
Ian Lee
6th Dec, 2018 3:42 PM +08
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