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A3 Report Template
26 Jul 2019 / Ness Roose
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26th Jul, 2019

2:14 PM PST

Prepared by
Ness Roose
19967 Oak Leaf Cir, Cornelius, NC, 28031
State the problem and its consequences. (Background)
Customer contact quality scores have dropped significantly from last month (90% to 78%). The reasons discovered are listed from most to least significant: 1. Branding issues - CSR provides the incorrect brand opening spiel to the customer or mentions the wrong brand during the conversation 2. Slower response times - AHT for email, chats, and calls increased by an average of 20%. 3. Total customer dropped calls and chats rose from 18 to 36.
What is the current condition? (The situation and the containment measures being applied)
CS quality scores are still at 78% considering scores from June 25 to July 26.Teams are being pulled out for ad hoc coaching to remind them of protocol: Vigilance on branding, use canned responses to lower AHT.
What is the desired outcome? (Goals and targets)
Get CS quality scores to 92% by October. Steady score increase is expected starting end of August.
What caused the problem in the first place? (Root Cause Analysis - 5 Whys)
Problem: CS Quality scores dropped from 90% to 78% from June to July 1. Why? - The new chat channel was launched for all websites and brands simultaneously (6 brands total) 2. Why? - To lower call and email volume 3. Why? - We need faster call and email pick-up times 4. Why? - To keep clients happy with customer service so they stay loyal to our sites 5. Why? - To generate more revenue
Proposed solution(s) to achieve desired outcome:
Hire more agents: Currently, agents are handling 2 contact functions a day (a combination of call, chat, and email) and 6 brands. Having to juggle between contact functions and brands results in incorrect branding, and increased handle times. The longer hold times are also causing customers to hang up or end chats which spiked the customer dropped contacts. Separate contact functions: Get separate teams to handle 1 contact function each to minimize brand mix-ups and increase speed of issue resolution.
Proposed solution(s) implemented? (include personnel in-charge of implementation)
The proposed solutions are awaiting approval from the HR Director (hiring more agents) and Head of Operations (segregating contact functions.
Is data being collected regularly to record the implemented solution's impact?
Data will be collated through contact records and call, email, and chat audits to be done via iAuditor once proposed solutions are approved.
Was the proposed solution able to achieve the desired outcome?
Follow up report will be drafted after approval and 2-week implementation.
What are the changes/adjustments that need to be made to completely resolve the problem?
Follow up report will be drafted after approval and 2-week implementation.
Signature of A3 Report Lead
Ness Roose
26th Jul, 2019 2:18 PM PST